Monday, October 14, 2013

Hip-hop Mogul-----Just Blaze,Do U Remember Him?

As the rise of Roc-a-Fella's two secret weapons, Just Blaze play everywhere apparent than many low-key cross-border Kanye West, but this does not mean that the producer's own work - production, he inferior to Kanye West.

In fact, in the Hip-Hop fans at home and abroad , has been also Kanye West and Just Blaze is better argument , of course , himself took the microphone to make records and usually a lot of high profile, Kanye West generally harvested win outcome.

However, that Kanye West 's achievements as a producer Just Blaze enough humiliation classmates were wrong, downright wrong. In the production side , Just Blaze Kanye West to be better than an obvious edge. This is why Jay-Z Kanye create your own album 's songs always less than Just Blaze and more generally - Jigga is that both men 's horses, is also the largest employer. The first can be ruled out that , Jigga never afford the cost of labor , and "The Blueprint" where two people are the three , "The Blueprint 2" where Kanye majority , "Black Album" in Just Blaze three to two wins, "Kingdom Come" the hit single "Show Me What You Got" handed over to JB, "American Gangster" the most touching thing JB 's "Ignorant Sh * t".

Want to say Kanye West's production path that is more extensive than Just Blaze is nonsense , cutting off the soul sample is actually two champions, but vocal monologue sampling , Just Blaze In Beanie Sigel "Bread & Butter", Jay-Z "December 4th" where is alone this one , but not others . Also Kanye West though works a lot, but not until 2007 "Graduation" gradually get rid of the former road , think Just Blaze 2003年to Stones Throw artist MED do "Get Back" it ( yes, do not doubt you see wrong , Roc-a-Fella 's rising production will go to help a West Coast independent label guy doing beat), the same year he also completed a Joe Budden party song "Pump It Up" and "Fire", what is terrible ? Now that's scary ! JB, wins in the round , the West Bank can do - do not forget to Snoop 's "Lollipop", in that there was no MySpace era , this song but in his official at the station taken nearly two years the theme song on the east coast do - this Jiubuyongti , pop can do , independent abstraction still manage freely , Just Blaze can air surging , can come to some of the touching little flavor .

In fact, what nonsense is not to say , Kanye West his album "Late Registration" song "Touch The Sky", but also Lupe Fiasco 's debut , has been the standard of proof Just Blaze at least not inferior to Kanye, and "The Blueprint "in a " Song Cry " is enough to lay his first decade in the 21st century, the producer of the industry rankings.

Finally talk about the tide, in fact, Just Blaze also very tide, but he is clos , Kanye West and The Neptunes in the dress with a small British -style driving this trend when , Just Blaze students must stay at home to play the game - before our Hip-Hop gossip also said that the early years of production to earn money , Kanye students to buy clothes , Swizz Beatz students to buy a sports car ( By the way , said , Swizz in the producer's point of view with KW and JB compared these two , in passing ), Just Blaze students to buy games.

Of course, each person has made ​​it unwise , not to mention Kanye and JB, that is Pete Rock and DJ Premier of this great God sometimes works out of boiled water generally short , but compared to comprehensive quality , JB is actually better than Kanye ground , do not believe the students , please listen to Freeway 's "Philadelphia Freeway" or Cam'Ron 's "Come Home With Me" these two albums , and then look song sheet , compete with established contractors .

Plus Saigon and Kool G Rap co-starred in "The Letter P" that the MV Just Blaze head that top " China " label , you should be very love this little fat .

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